• We are providing emergency first aid kits and trauma bags international standards and size according to demands of the customers. We have over 21 categories of first aid kits that meet both national and international standards.
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  • We have different standards of ambulances varying from basic, average to comprehensive ambulance. Their main difference is in term of emergence equipments contained in. They can be seen clearly through our quotations.
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  • We are specialized, licensed, and we use experienced and qualified personnel and proper equipments for this purpose. Usually we either incinerate the waste or disposal them safely in authorized areas depending on nature and amount of the waste.
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  • With tremendous experience in provision of training we provide the most reliable courses that are practical skills oriented and meet national and international standards. E.g.Heart Saver First Aid, Heart Saver CPR & AED ,Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (BLS HCP) that are..
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  • With over six years of experience, we provide HIV/AIDS advocacy, researches, and prevention as well as its monitoring and evaluations at workplaces and community in generalists beyond any doubt that HIV/AIDS pandemic are major sources of ...
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  • Running of Camp/Site/Mobile Clinics:We are the most experienced and trusted one stop company for operations of camp/onsite clinic. We have always been a reliable centre for support of the onsite clinics and companies wellbeing, gaining several recommendations and achievement on high quality service delivery from a diverse pool of our clients.At camps, rigs, industries ...
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  • As the number of chronically ill patients is increasing fast both in the institutions and the community, Home base care services are recommended to all chronic illnesses. TMHS provides an integratedand professionally executed HBC service, bringing hope to all people with chronic illnesses as they get assistance both at health care facilities and ...
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Become a life saver today, enroll and acquire the basic practical skills for saving your life, children, colleague, friend, fellow passenger’s life
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Tindwa Medical and Health Services registered Dar Center Cancer

Our Company has secured Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate for all kinds of waste disposal, incineration and management


  • Workplaces Afya Talks
  • Tailored to customer needs and Potential Workplace Health Risks
    1. Dietary, Obesity and Hypertension
    2. Diabetes
    3. Breast Cancer
    4. Malaria
    5. Avian Flu
    6. And lots more
  • Can include Afya Checks such as RBG, HB, BMI, BP, Lipid Profile, HIV when customer interested.
  • Can be conducted on Afya Days,Family Days, Seminars and etc

TMHS has secured a contract for provision of remote medical support for EACOP survey at Tanga. Currently providing an Advanced Life Support Ambulance with Crew


  • We offer environmental consultant and waste disposal services especially for all Industrial wastes, clinical wastes and confidential documents.
    Industrial Waste Services Consider us your one-stop source for all your industrial and hazardous waste services. We have the equipment, facilities and expertise to ...
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  • We have multidisciplinary team of experts to carry out environmental impact assessments in respect of property and various development projects such as mining, irrigation and road construction. The assessment report will include both the negative and positive impact that a proposed project may have on the environment, depending on the client’s requirements the report may include the natural, social and economic aspects as well.
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  • We are specialized, licensed, and we use experienced and qualified personnel and proper equipments for this purpose.Usually we either incinerate the waste or disposal them safely in authorized areas depending on nature and amount of the waste.
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  • Occupational health and safety Audit
    For large and small company with high or low risk, they all obliged to make sure that they follow good health, safety and environmental practices. TMHS OHS audit has been designed to assess compliance with the Safety and Health Management Standards
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  • Occupational health and safety consultancy
    TMHS WE provide one stop solution for Occupational Health and Safety consultancy on Matters across East Africa in safety management system, Physical Demand Analysis, how to comply with OSHA, International organizational and also how to make and implement safety as investment....
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  • General Workplace Risk Assessment
    We are conducting risk assessments to diversity of workplaces so that to identify, asses and manage all associated health and safety hazards.However your workplace is complex with a lot of potential hazards to the health and safety of your workers, we can identity and asses all...
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  • Workplace General OHS Awareness Training
    We have several specialized occupational health and safety workplace trainings. This general awareness course is designed to provide a snapshot of OHS awareness to employer and employees. It can be tailored to specific customer needs including omission or addition of s


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